2016.1 EAP 8: Semicolon inserted when IntelliSense option confirmed

Semicolon is inserted after variable name when IntelliSense option is confirmed.

Having this code:

var myFooVariable = new Foo();

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start typing "my"
  2. Hit "Ctrl+Space" to get IntelliSense opened
  3. Option "myFooVariable" is selected for you
  4. Press "Enter" to confirm

Expected result:

  1. "myFooVariable" is placed to line, cursor at the end of variable with no other character

Actual result:

  1. "myFooVariable;" is placed to line (notice semicolon after variable name), cursor is moved after semicolon

This is super annoying because I often want to do more stuff with variable - e.g. access member on type. Now I have to go back either pressing left arrow or deleting semicolon by Backspace.

I haven't found any configuration of this, previous version of ReSharper behaved fine.




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