Resharper completely unresponsive


Resharper ultimate 10.0.2 has stopped responding to any hotkeys. I know the hotkeys are being recognized because I'll get a message asking if I want to use the re-sharper commands when I use a hotkey combination, but after that I get complete unresponsiveness. After reinstalling visual studio 2013, reinstalling Resharper, resetting visual studio settings and keybindings multiple times, and attempting multiple community suggested fixes:

I have basically given up on the issue. If anyone has a suggestion I would greatly appreciate it. 

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Just to recap the result of investigation:


Seems like I understood what was wrong. You selected "Use Visual Studio Command" option in "Shortcut conflict" window - it means that ReSharper command has not been applied to a shortcut.

So please select "Use R# Ultimate command" option there instead.

Please follow the steps:
-- Reset current keyboard configuration (Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard | Reset).
-- Go to ReSharper | Options | Environment | Keyboard & Menus | "Visual Studio" | Apply Scheme.
-- Click Ctrl+Shift+T.
-- Choose "Use ReSharper command" in the opened popup(check "Apply to all ReSharper shortcuts"as well).


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Hello Stu

Does it affect some particular solution only or happen in all ones even in a newly created one? 


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Hi Alexander, 

It happens in all solutions, including newly created ones. 

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Stu, thanks for the reply!

Please could you run Visual Studio with the following command line: 'devenv /ReSharper.LogFile C:\log\resharper_log.txt /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose'. After that reproduce the issue and send me the file via submitting a new request ("Submit a request" button above).



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