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Hi, we are having some problem with the code warnings/suggestions annotations shown in a code file.

For example: Our standard defines that a private variable has start with an underscore "_example".

When that same field now has a second option, like "variable can be made readonly" we got our problem..

The first one is a warning but it not shown due to the second one which is a suggestion. Only if the suggestion is resolved the warning is shown.

This poses a problem for us since we might not go through all suggestions just to see the warnings.

Question: Is there a way to define the "quick actions / highlighting" by severity? Something like 1. error 2. warning 3. suggestion

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Hello Timo,

It is a known issue Feel free to follow it.

There is no way to change current behavior. 


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Hello Alexander,

I was wondering what the state of the linked issue is?

Gonna be fixed soon or something we have to live with for a couple more weeks/months?


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