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I'm currently trying to setup a new C# solution and share Resharper settings with my team (mainly code formatting).

Therefore I want to create a Solution team-shared settings file and add it to our source control (git).

I've edited the team-shared layer in the "Manage Options" dialog but I cannot find the .sln.DotSettings anywhere in the solution. Do I have to export it somehow?

Also I found that I have a personal settings file .sln.DotSettings,user in my solution folder that contains the default code formatting settings. However this seems not to be applied as far as I can see. It seems either system or team-shared (pretty much identical) are applied in VS. As from my understanding from the documentation this should not be the case either.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Norbert!


You can get team-shared solution settings location by right-clicking on corresponding item in Settings Layers menu and selecting Copy Settings File Path or Open Containing Folder.

Concerning user settings file - as far as it contains the settings which are identical to the default ones they won't be applied. Only overriding settings are applied in each settings layer, for detailed info please refer to the following section of help article -, there are some pictures illustrating this behavior.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the update.

I tried "copy settings file path", but when trying to open the file in Windows Explorer it was not found. Then I tired restarting Visual Studio and It seems the team-shared solution settings file was only created after restarting (or closing) Visual Studio once. Is this the intended behavior? 

I checked the contents of the user settings file in a text editor and found that none of the settings I looked at are contained there. The settings manager shows me the default values (Not "inherited" or active values from the system or team layer). That confused me a little because I expected to see the effective values form the layer below. I think I'll now delete the user layer file because I don't need it anymore.

Thanks for your help.


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Thank you for the reply, Norbert.

Closing and reopening solution should be enough to apply the changes to settings layer.. ReSharper might postpone writing settings to disk to avoid some hangs if any settings files are stored in the network, so all queued operations will be executed on solution's closing action.


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