Mark method as not enumerable


I have a code that is checking something if it's not null. It works like Code Contracts (They doesn't work in my project so I use my own implementation).

So for example my test method is:


        public static void IsNotNull<T>(this T obj, string argName = null) where T : class
            if (obj != null)
            if (argName == null)
                throw new ArgumentNullException();
            throw new ArgumentNullException(argName);


then I call it somewhere:

            foreach (T value in source) // working with source

and resharper warns "Possible NullReferenceException". I don't want to turn off this check but I also don't want to get spammed by this message. I tried to apply Code Annotations, but they doesn't work. I want to say "Hey, R#, this code doesn't enumerate collection so don't worry about this call".

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"NoEnumeration" attribute can be applied to parameter "obj" in "IsNotNull" declaration.

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Can we please get the opposite of this?

I'm really tried of resharper warning about multiple enumerations when I return a foo.ToList() as IEnumerable<Foo> and not ICollection<Foo>. 


Maybe something like [PureEnumerable] [ListEnumerable] [NoSideEffects] [SafeEnumerable] [MultiEnumerable] etc


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