Resharper 10.0.2 and Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Unity 2.2 odd behavior


I am noticing really strange behaviors when using resharper and VSTU 2015 ver 2.2

mainly coloring and intellisense issues.


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Just for the history:

1) Coloring issue: VSTU affects Visual Studio colors as well, not R# only. Some screenshots:

2) Since Unity implicitly casts all types inherited from UnityEngine.Object type as bool - it is a valid construction to use fields you saw in autopopup in 'if' clause even they are not bool type explicitly.



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Hello Rob!


Could you please provide some code sample and screenshots illustrating the problem?

Thank you.

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Hello Angelina,


I created two screen casts that demonstrate the issues.

first screencast:
second screencase:

Thank you,


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