Custom/different template expansion


I'm trying out R#10, after hearing many good things about it, but one thing I simply cannot get into muscle memory, is hitting <Tab> as the template expansion key (for certain templates, such as "if"). Is there a way to tell R# that if the selected autocomplete entry is a template name, and I hit <Space>, go ahead and expand it?

Official comment

Hello Hugo,

There is no way to use Space to expand a template, only <Tab> will do so.

As for the second question: out-of-box R# does not support expanding "Surround with" templates by clicking a specific symbol you mentioned.


Another example of this that I'm used to, from the CodeRush world, is using a key to activate a template (or a surround with) WITH code selected, such as selecting a block of code, and hitting "b" to enclose said block in brackets, or opening/closing parenthesis to enclose the block in parenthesis.


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