The new forums are hard to look at and use.


The new forums have:

  1. Vast oceans of white space
  2. A huge header that has way too much whitespace in it
  3. No clear separation of content from meta-content, except for huge swaths of whitespace and some very faint grey lines.
  4. A relatively small percentage of the screen that shows content.
  5. No way of seeing posts that have been created OR a new comment in chronological order, in order to keep up with current activity. I have no idea what the "Recent Activity" pivot does, but it definitely doesn't do what I want, as it doesn't bring posts that got a comment yesterday anywhere near the top.
Official comment

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, there are some design issues with new forums, and we will be addressing them soon.

I've passed your feedback to the corresponding team.


another thing is  that i could'nt use my old forum account to access the new forum. I had to create a new jetbrains account.


Thanks, it's looking better already. Is there any way, when sorting by Recent Activity, to show the time of the most recent activity of a post on the post listing page? An easy way for me to know that I checked all the threads that have changed since the last time I looked would be great.


@Andreas That might be caused by old forums using slightly different authentication scheme, all accounts are joined via JetBrains Hub and we're waiting for this feature to be implemented so that we integrate it fully with new forums platform.

@Jeremy Yes, I'm going to implement a fix later this week and the last activity would be shown for all posts (instead of creation date) which looks totally logical). In this case Recent Activity will make much more sense.



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