Symbol X is not resolved

If I have overloaded methods defined like

public void X( ISomeInterface i, object o)
public void X( ISomeInterface i, int[] ia)

and I call it elsewhere as

Handle h = new H()
ISomeInterface i = new GetMeSomeInterface();
string s = "";

h.X( i, s);

Resharper underlines X in h.X and complains in tooltip window:

Symbol X is not resolved, there are some candidates with unsuitable parameter

public (method) void X( ISomeInterface, object)
public (method) void X( ISomeInterface, int[])

I would expect Resharper to behave just like compiler and resolve h.X(i, s) to
X(ISomeInterface, object).

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I could not reproduce this problem. May be, some important details are missed in Your post?

Could You please sent me complete C#-file?

Nikolay Pultsin
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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