Caret off by one error

I've seen this in previous builds. Have not seen it reported. Don't have a
repeatable sequence, yet, but here's my observation.

Working on a line of code, edit/delete on/near end of line, ctrl+space,
enter (for completion. At or near end of this sequence the caret position is
off by one... so, hitting end takes me to before ; instead of after ;

Of particular note is that the problem is specific to that particular line.
Caret position is ok above and below the affected line. The off by one
persists, on the affected line, even when moving off and returning to the
line. Saving does not correct the file. Closing the file (and associated
form) and re-opening it does not correct the problem.

Will report back if I sort out how to reproduce the problem.

BTW I'm running 1920x1200, increased system font size, increased theme font

BTW picklists still very hard to read with the above config. lines still
overlap per previous screen caps posted.



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