Some LT related problems


I have the following simple LT:
<Template text="/&#xA; $Id:$&#xA;/&#xA;&#xA;" shortcut="hdr"
description="File header" kind="livetemplate" reformat="true" fileMask=""
context="Everywhere" fileContext="AnyFile" enabled="True" id="1649140147">

When I try to insert in just at the beginning of the empty file I get
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException (it already exists in the Tracker --
maybe knowing this simple way to reproduce it will help you).

But worse is the folloing: if I have some non-empty file and try to insert
LT at the beginning everything seems to work. But after that Subversion
starts complaining about incosistent eol style -- and indeed when I look at
a hex dump of the file I see unix-style eol! This is really annoying -- I
have to edit the file manually to correct the problem.


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