QuickFix: create field/constant for "upper-cased" identifiers

Currently if you type unknown identifier, quick fix allows you to select 3 options
1. change all '<name>'
2. create field '<name>'
3. create local variable '<name>'

But it's only true if identifier starts with lower case letter.
If it starts with upper case letter, option (2) 'create field' disappears from quick fix selection assuming that local variable usually has form "myLocalVar" or "_myLocalVar".

I have 2 cases conflicting with that assumption.
1) It doesn't help me much when I use constants (C++ style)
(ex: string st = MY_CONSTANT_IDENT;)

2) I know some people who came from Delphi world and still use prefix Fxxx for fields
(ex: private string FMyString;).

Is it any way to control this behavior via Settings? ('Naming Convention' settings doesn't seem to have any affect)

My greatest concern is MY_CONSTANTS... =)
Is it possible to have at least 'create field' for this case? If so, can it be 'create constant' instead? ;)


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