Documentation syntax complete broken in build 207

Hi All

I just installed build 207 on VS2003 and I noticed that the intellisense for the documentation doesn't work.
With R165 installed I could type /// < and hit control-space and a list would pop up with all the available documentation tags. Some how that doesn't seem to work in 207 anymore.

Is that because Resharper overrides VS at all times or is there a setting somewhere that I can check. If not is there a way to get Resharper to show the intellisense for the documentation tags???

Regards Petrik

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Hi Guys

Have you been able to confirm this? Is it a setting I missed or is R# overriding the VS intellisense completely?
It would be really cool if the intellisense would also work for documentation comments (i.e. the ]]> etc. tags) because I'm not smart enough to remember them ;) (either that or to lazy).

Regards Patrick


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