Resharper IDE musings

As much as I love the Resharper plugin, virtually every build I try throws
tonnes of exceptions, sometimes VS hangs, and of course there's that notorious
syntax highlighting problem in VS 2005 that drives me nuts. Not that I blame
JetBrains for a lot of this, it seems pretty clear to me that they're having
a rather difficult time with this plugin due to limitations or bugs in VS.
And all those problems aside, I don't think any amount of effort from JetBrains
is going to make VS an IDE that I particularly want to use anyway. Several
years as an IDEA user has made me rather picky!

So, while Resharper has almost certainly prevented me from going completely
insane, I only see it as a temporary fix. What I'm REALLY waiting for is
the standalone Resharper IDE. Until then I can't help but breathe a sigh
of relief whenever I switch back to working on a Java project, not because
I prefer one language over the other but because the dev environment is so
much nicer on the Java side of the fence. I'm guessing there's plenty of
others who feel the same way?

Having said all the above, I'm not quite sure what my point is :)  Of course
I'd love for JetBrains to speed up the EAP of their IDE, however I can also
appreciate that the Resharper plugin probably taps a much bigger initial
market and there's a more immediate need to get a stable 2.0 release out
the door. And I think it was mentioned a few months back that the EAP for
the IDE would start shortly after Resharper 2.0 went final anyway? Is there
any chance of getting an update on this, or perhaps even a couple of new
teaser screenshots for us to drool over? :)

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