[231] vs 2003 hangs on startup

Short story:

Uninstalled 229, installed 230 (was unusable - hang while parsing), uninstalled 230, installed 229, uninstalled 229 (today), installed 231 (today).

Deleted the cache for my current project and launched vs. Worked nice until i stubled upon two exceptions one while compiling (complained something about locking). It was a Component so after submitting the compilation continued by more exceptions ... in the status row.

Opened the designer for that recently edited source file and i got a new exception, submitted and closed the solution, closed vs.

Restarted vs and when loading the solution it hung for about 6 minutes (with 100% cpu) before i terminated it.

Deleted the cache again (after killing the vs 2003). Started vs and opened the solution, it loaded fine again (after about 45 - 60 seconds of which is normal for me after 227 or so).
(ankh is also responsible for some of the delays).


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I've got it again :)

Posted as 41448.

This time when closing vs 2003, I get another exception (21538) and crashes. After the automatic startup I opened my project without deleting any cache.

It opened ok and seems to work properly :)


Neat that it can manage (not red lines here and there) non C# references!


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