Function Parameter Listings

I have the 'pleasure' of working with quite a few legacy libraries. One
of which gets and saves data in our database. The table being saved to is
quite large and the function used to save to this table has every column
in its parameter list. This makes for quite a large parameter list.
While I am working with this function, the parameter list pops up for me
as expected, but only one row at a time is shown. This wouldn't be so bad
except that when I am on a parameter that is beyond the first line in the
list, I have to scroll the list to see the next row of paramters. A fair
amount of the time the list resets when I make a change and I have to
begin scrolling again. Is there a way to get the entire parameter list to
show at once, like the default in VS 2005? I have looked through the
options a little and only saw one option that looked right. It however
gave me the ability to view one function signature at a time, but still
with one row.

Any help is welcome.

Mark Brown

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