Updating References problem

This might be a Visual Studio problem with notifications, but I wanted to
alert you to what I experienced today:

Using Resharper build 241 on Visual Studio 2005

Scenereo: I have a solution that has a DLL Assembly reference, where the
assembly was moved to a new location. Thus the reference was 'bad', flagged
with the little yellow exclaimation point, and all the types refered to in
my source file that were defined in that assembly were correctly flagged as

I right-clicked on the references node and went to "Add Reference" and added
the refererence to the assembly in its new location.

Visual Studio 2005 figured out this was the 'same' assembly, and thus just
replaced the bad reference with the good one. However, everything still
showed up as 'unresolvable' in Resharper. It's like it never got the
notification of the change, and never rescanned anything.

I then deleted the assembly reference and added it, and all worked fine.

So the only problem is when a bad assembly gets replaced with a good one,
without being deleted first.

Just FYI, not a big deal, just thought you should be aware.

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