Bad experience with #241

#241 was the most unstable release compared to other recent builds. I got
the following problems:
1. Sometimes, R# stop highlighting in some certain files. Not all of them.
No noticeable exceptions.
2. Many times, I got exceptions when trying to press enter. R# will try to
perform smart enter but fail and it will throw an exception. So I got no
new line :(. It happens mostly with the code that contains winform
3. I cannot do code reformatting in *.Designer.cs.
4. Exceptions submitted in #241 are not in my watches list.
5. Many times, R# lose assembly information for external dll reference. Only
project references are available. For example, in some circumstances, I type
using ...., the namespace showing in intellisense are only namespace in my
projects. There are no Microsoft, System, or Spring whatsoever.


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