[253] VS 2005 Startup problems

I uninstalled 252, installed 253 and started Visual Studio. I saw the
Resharper: initializing menus message followed by "Resharper initialized" in
the status bar. When I clicked in the window, I got the dreaded message from
my COM+ days about Visual Studio waiting for another process and a question
whether I wanted to switch to the process or continue waiting (sorry, didn't
get a screendump or exact text).

I waited several minutes but eventually had to kill denenv in task manager.
This happened a couple times, so I tried starting a second instance of VS
2005 (while the first one was "waiting") just in case I could manage to grab
a stack dump. Fortunately this worked, and after obtaining the stack dump
and killing both instances of devenv, I was able to start Visual Studio
normally again :-p  Somehow the second instance cleaned up the problem(?)

Anyway, not expecting any response to this strange bug report either, here's
the stack dump I managed to get hold on in case you need it.  This was one
of three threads running, and the only one I managed to get the call stack


Line 447 + 0x9 bytes C#

Line 270 + 0x8 bytes C#
dte = {System.__ComObject}, EnvDTE.AddIn addIn = {System.__ComObject}) Line
268 + 0x39 bytes C#
  JetBrains.VSAddin.dll!JetBrains.VSAddin.AbstractAddIn.Startup() Line 46 +
0x22 bytes C#
System.Array custom = ) Line 228 + 0x9 bytes C#

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