A couple code completion bugs

I have discovered a couple code completion bugs beginning with Build 312
(and are still present in #319).

1. Under the resharper code completion options, if I choose "Editor font",
then the code completion seems to always be in a courier font, even though
my editor font is set to something else (e.g. Consolas). The font-size doesn't
seem to respect your editor setting either and always shows up the same size
(this didn't use to happen before Build 312).

2. If I am pre-pending some code to an existing statement (e.g. wrapping
it in a function call), it used to be that I could press the "enter" key
on hightlighted method in code-completion, and it would place the open parenthesis
of the method call at the beginning of the statement, and the closing parenthesis
at the end of the statement. This is hard to describe without showing, so
let me try to explain with an example:

If I start out with a statement like this:

return "3 images";

Then, if I start typing String.Format beginning right before the literal
string. When I pressed the "Enter" key on the String.Format method in code
completion, Resharper used to leave me with this:

return String.Format("3 images");

Since about build 312, it now leaves me with this:

return String.Format()"3 images";

It would be really nice if it could go back to working as it used to as I
used that functionality all the time.

Thanks, and excellent job on version 2.5. It is a pleasure to use.


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