ReSharper causing problem on Web Project with MonoRail

I don't know if I should say its a bug. In a web project, when I use Visual Web Developer, all the coding outside App_Code are not being recognized as coding participating in the auto complete feature etc. Its a correct behaviour because practically would not compile all these codes. When I am using Web Project to develop MonoRail project, I use nant build script to build the file externally so that a single DLL is added into the bin directory and able to be invoked by monorail. The bad thing is these codes are not being able to be used within code complete until being build manually. But once its being built it would work properly and with no Ambiguous Class error. However using ReSharper enabled Visual Studio ReSharper take into account on every class file (which I think is not correct due to web project behaviour) and then trigger Ambiguous Class error. Code complete also not working. Any idea on how to fix it? Ideally if ReSharper can link up the proper code file (using the .pdb file) and get rid of the Ambiguous Class error it would be wonderful :)

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