ReSharper 3.1 + VisualAssistX Problem in VS2008

I wanted to point out a very annoying performance problem that I've run into with VS2008.

I run with a combination of VisualAssistX (latest build) and the latest build of ReSharper 3.1. I love both tools, and rely on them both. I mainly use Visual Assist for its navigation bar feature, its type find feature, and most importantly, it's intellisense feature, which I find superior to the default and also to ReSharper's. Obviously, I run ReSharper with it configured to use Visual Studio's intellisense (Visual Assists).

I have run in this configuration for quite some time in VS2005 with no apparent problems.

After switching to VS2008, I noticed that my debugging single-step performance is incredibly slow. Each step in the debugger takes over a second, which is unacceptable to me.

If I disable both ReSharper and Visual Assist, debugging performance is normal (actually maybe even a little faster than in VS2005).

Interestingly, if I disable only Visual Assist (ReSharper enabled), or only disable ReSharper (Visual Assist enabled), then debugging performance is as good as when both are disabled.

This would lead me to conclude that there is some kind of interaction problem occurring in VS2008 when both Visual Assist and ReSharper are enabled.

Any ideas?


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I am in the same boat, and am very much hoping that this is a known problem which I have already discussed with JetBrains, and is going to be fixed in 3.1.1, which I think is supposed to be available quite soon.

Do you also notice an ~1 second delay when you switch focus back to the IDE even when you're not debugging?


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Yep, I see the same delays you describe.

Glad to hear that a fix may be coming. I appreciate you bringing the issue up and fighting the good fight for us!



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