Feature request: Insert documentation from the base class

Quite often I work on my code and I don't necessarily enter all the documentation at that point. When I am ready to release the code I update the documentation. Now in case where I have a base class or an interface that is derived or implemented in a multiple classes I have to repeat the same documentation over and over.

It would be nice to be able to create documentation on the base class (interface) and then go to the derived class and press + and select "Documentation from the base class" and it would use the same documentation. (Of course only when that is possible -- when there is a base class or interface and the current method is overriding a base class method or implementing an interface method.) This would save a lot of work for me.


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Hi David,

Try the JavaDocSync plugin which was created just for this purpose. It can be downloaded via IntelliJ and customized in various ways.



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Whoops, reacted to quick. I thought you were talking about IntelliJ. Sorry :)

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We appreciate your feedback.

The corresponding JIRA request has been created, and you are welcome to monitor
its status at http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/RSRP-57149.

Best regards,
- Development Team.


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