side by side installation on vs 2008 and vs 2005

Hi everyone, I'm new to Resharper and I'm very excited about using it ! unfortunatlly I'm facing a problem that hope you Can help me with (by the way ,I'm not sure if this is the appropriate section to my question ,sorry it's wrong section what does EAP mean anyway?:D ) ,

So here is the situation for my problem , I have already installed Resharper successfully on vs 2008 then Installed VS2005 side-by-side on the same system (vs2008Resharper 3.1), according to this page ( I tried to install Resharper on VS2005 using NOUPGRADE option but it wasn't successful (installation would go to Repair/uninstall section directly).

afterwards I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Resharper on a different location ,again with no success, during the installation there were no options for selecting which VisualStudio version to install on and it was associated with VS2008 again , so here my question ,are there any workarounds for this? Am I doing anything wrong?
thanks in advance.

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So, what is the configuration you're trying to achieve? VS 2005 and VS 2008,
OK. What R# versions on which VS version, then?

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thanks to to Support team it was solved I was using a wrong version of installer.


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