[804] Quick Fix Not Presenting

In a winforms project, I cut and paste a custom control, (manually) rename the old control name to the new control name in the designer file and in the code file. I am now in the code file looking at the new control declaration and the old constructor - which is indicating an error. I click onto the constructor and open the R# quick fix smart menu.

All I see is the new fix: "Move declaration(s) to another type part". I used to also see the very useful "This is a constructor".

public partial class NewControlControl : SomeBaseControl
public OldControl() { }

Confessions of a cut-and-paste coder ;)

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Would it still reproduce in the RC? Can't repro on a small piece of code,
probably need more context.

Maybe the file is a *.Designer.cs file, by chance?

Serge Baltic
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Hi Serge

I've just installed the RC and run through the same scenario and in the same project of the original post. It now works fine: I get the options "this is a ctor" and "this is a void method".




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