Build 816 Issues

Autocompletion still resolves to the longest match in the intellisense list if the casing does not match exactly. Thus, typing MailClient.send( actually resolves to MailClient.SendAsyncCancel instead of MailClient.Send.

Changing a statement from say mailMessage.To = ""; by highlighting " = " and then typing .Add( correctly modifies the code to mailMessage.To.Add(""). However, changing the statement mailMessage.To = address; the same way results in mailMessage.To.Add();address; and changing the statement mailMessage.Attachments = Attachment(attachment); the same way results in mailMessage.Attachments.Add((attachment));ttachment); Note the duplicated parentheses, the missing method call, and the dangling duplicate parameter.

When attempting to rename a variable say MailAddress MailAddress, the recommendations include MailAddress and mailAddress1. Previous versions of ReSharper would recommend MailAddress and mailAddress, but this is no longer an option.

When completing a statement with a static class name, ReSharper inserts the entire namespace reference; e.g. string blah = Printer. resolves to string blah = Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing.Compatibility.VB6.Printer.
If the namespace is partially referenced (e.g. using System.Collections), typing the name of a class in a child namespace (e.g. System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary) causes ReSharper to insert the partial namespace as in Generic.IDictionary instead of adding a using statement to the complete namespace.

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Please check ReSharper / Options / Languages / C# / Namespace Imports, do you have "Use fully qualified names" selected there?

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The first IntelliSense issue is a strange one. We will check and fix it in 4.0.1

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No, that option is not selected. I have these options enabled in the
Namespace Imports section:

Insert using directives when necessary
Allow the global:: prefix (not sure what this is)
Do not remove using alias directives if alias name differs from the imported
type name
Namespaces that should not be removed: empty list
Namespaces that should always be imported: empty list

Note that "empty list" means there are no entries in those two list boxes.

Most of these cases work correctly in previous builds of ReSharper and broke
somewhere around the 816 build. I can't pinpoint the exact build because
I've generally been using only those builds tagged "works here". I just
purchased a ReSharper 4.0 license today but I haven't had a chance to
install it yet... I'm waiting for a long running process to finish late
tonight or tomorrow so I can close Visual Studio.

"Ilya Ryzhenkov" <> wrote in message

Please check ReSharper / Options / Languages / C# / Namespace Imports, do
you have "Use fully qualified names" selected there?


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