VSTS 2k5 MSTest Resharper Test Runner

I am attempting to get the Resharper test runner to recognize my MSTest unit tests via Gallio.

I have the following installed:
VSTS 2005 8.0.50727.762
Resharper 4.1

I am also running Windows XP x64.

The unit test options only shows NUnit as being available. I am thinking that I must have some versioning wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction? Am I barking up the wrong tree and this is only works in VS2k8?


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Well I updated Gallio to GallioBundle- and it now shows up in the unit test options for R#. But I get the following error when running tests in either R# or Icarus:

Cannot run tests because the MSTest executable was not found.

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It turns out that the MSTest support is only working on VS 2008.
I've opened up a bug for this issue.

Looks like a couple of people on the gallio-dev list might be close to a solution.


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(I just realized your are The Jeff Brown of Gallio, so you probably are the best chance I get to get the right answer )

I am posting this in a few places where I see references to Gallio in hope that someone can guide me.
I installed Gallio (v3.0.5 build 546) and Resharper (4.1.933.3) on Visual Studio 2008. My main goal is to use the "real" NUnit engine as to get most of the latest features that 2.2 does not have.
Gallio does show up in the Resharper "unit testing providers" list and is enabled. But the only tests that the explorer now sees are MS Tests.
Do I have to configure Gallio or Resharper to have it work with NUnit or any other framework?

Thansk in advance for any guidance.




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