External Sources Advanced dialog not working as expected

I have a third party DLL that has pdbs with it and I wanted to point those to the source that was on my machine.  So I went to Resharper -> Options -> External Sources and clicked the Advanced... button.

In the dialog that came up, I see a simple folder mapping.  I then used the feature to figure out where all the pdbs are mapped to.  I saw this line:

      Pdb: C:\Code\Caliburn\Caliburn v1 RTW\bin\net-3.5\debug\Caliburn.Core.pdb (exists: True)
        type Caliburn.Core.Invocation.DelegateFactory -> c:\Projects\BlueSpire\Caliburn\src\Caliburn.Core\Invocation\DelegateFactory.cs

And I know that the source for that is located on my machine in C:\Code\Caliburn\src\Caliburn.Core\Invocation.  

In fact, all of the code mapped to C:\Projects\BlueSpire\Caliburn\src is mapped to C:\Code\Caliburn\src on my machine.  So I just put those top level folders in there, expecting it to work for all folders below.  It didn't work.  

Is this the intention of the feature, is something missing, or am I missing something?

Michael Hedgpeth

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