[1534] Out of Memory Errors before completing parsing assemblies

VS2008 fully patched.  Windows XP 3GB Memory.  Solution contains 1 web site,
6 class library assemblies, 3 Database projects and 1 Report project.  Build
1532 was running on average (based on the memory indicator on the status
line) at 222 MB, spiking during load to 280MB.  Total of approximatly 20,000
LOC mixed between C# and VB. 4 Files open, total of 849 LOC.  Build 1534
spikes to over 330MB, and throws OOM errors prior ot completing the "Parsing
source files" stage of load.  We are using the OOM hack provided by
Jetbrains to use the Large Memory Model in VS.


We are now fixing increased memory load. This will be fixed shortly, most likely in 1536 build (tonight's)


Can you please give details on the OOM hack that JetBrains provided you. I am getting OutOfMemoryExceptions
constantly when using ReSharper.


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