Mbunit in 5.0

The current version 1528.21 is the first I installed that works quite well. Good progress!

A minor problem: in 4.5x, Mbunit test turned up and were marked with the yellow-green dots. After installing 5.0.xx, this did no longer work.Any add-in required?



Hi there,

I think they are working on this, as discussed here in mbunit forum:


Regards Rob


I just installed build 1536, which is noted as containing x64 unit test support. Yesterday I installed the very latest Gallio release, 3.1 build 397 for x64. But, my MbUnit tests are not being picked up as unit tests, and I only see MSTest and nUnit listed as Unit testing providers. Is anyone able to use MbUnit in 5.0 yet, or is this an x64-specific problem?


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