R# and symbol file download


R# 5 is looking good.

I discovered by accident (in VS2008), when navigating to an MS class library symbol that R# auto downloads symbol sources and displays the original MS source code which is extremely cool.  On further investigation I found the R# option page above.

I should note:

1) Notice the warning?  I haven't setup symbols in VS2008, the VS options/enable source server support checkbox is unchecked and the symbol path isn't defined, so should it be working?  I think this is what caused RSRP-130230 on my system (duplicate of 125574) because symbols were downloaded to a folder with a long pathname.

2) The same thing doesn't work in VS2010 and I get metadata displayed.  Even when I enable source server support etc I still get metadata.

By the way, navigation by Ctrl-Click works in VS2008 for R#5 but not in VS2010 is this intentional or a bug?

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Thanks for your feedback!

  • ReSharper navigates to reference sources if no symbol settings configured in VS.
    Yes, the warning is slightly misleading... To be fixed.
  • VS2010 beta 2 will be supported soon (getting symbol settings is likely broken...)
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Unfortunately, you won't get navigation to framework sources under VS2010 for 4.0 projects since Microsoft hasn't released source code to referencesource.microsoft.com...

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I'd like to encourage everyone to mail their favourite MS contact and give them hell over the state of the reference source project.  They hyped it to the skies when they launched it, with all the usual big names weighing (as if it was anything other than what they'd always done with MFC).

Then they lost interest and they whole thing has been allowed to rot.

I understand why releasing source code for the first time is hard, because you have to check it all for swear words and inadvertent cultural slurs, etc.  I completely fail to understand why pushing subsequent updates isn't completely automated as part of your normal build/release process.

There's something deeply irritating about getting wildly over-blown press coverage for something that they then can't be bothered to do the work of maintaining once the news slips off the front page of the various websites.

Grrrr.  Sorry Jetbrains, this isn't your fault, but the usefulness of this feature you've gone to the trouble of adding will suffer if MS don't get their act together on this.


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