Build 5.0.1534.3 hangs VS2010 when editing aspx files


Attempting to edit an aspx file ( mvc 2 preview 2) causes Vs2010 beta 2 to hang.  This has been happening on the last few builds.  Is there a list somewhere of the Resharper 5.0 features that do not work at all?


John A.


I am getting this same problem.

  1. Open VS2010 Beta
  2. Open an MVC 2 Beta project
  3. Open an *.aspx file.
  4. Resharper is causing a hang when typing "<%". Eventually, VS2010 crashes and asks to report an error to MS.

I can edit regular HTML just fine - <div></div> works just fine. The problem is directly with the "<%" ASP-escape (beesting) action.

A beta IDE + a beta project type + a beta Resharper. What could possibly go wrong here?

(No problems with VS2008 + MVC 1 or VS2008 + MVC 2 Beta. Seems to be just VS2010 + MVC 2 Beta.)


I have experience the same issue with VS hanging when I try to enter a <% %> tag.  However I've seen this in regular ASP.Net projects (not using MVC).  I just installed 5.0.1538.32 and it still hangs.


I can confirm that RS 1538 still hangs frequently with web projects. Also, causes VS 2010 menu to not work when activated by mouse (keyboard works).



Hello Dimitris,

Working on this, almost fixed.

Ilya Ryzhenkov

JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

DK> Every build so far, even 1545 hangs.
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