Build 1545 Issues

Highlighting isn't working on lines with an error. For example, in the
statement "undeclared = 4;" I should see "undeclared" in red or with a red
squiggly underline if the variable isn't declared but it remains black.

I had ReSharper create a method in an empty class by placing the cursor over
the method name, pressing Alt+Enter, and selecting create method. After
ReSharper created the method, I changed its return type from
SomeLongClassName to ShortName and cursor movement became somewhat odd. When
pressing Ctrl+Right Arrow to move to the next word, ReSharper positioned the
cursor based on the previous declaration instead of the current declaration.
For example:

was public SomeLongClass DoSomething(int var1, int var2)
now public Class DoSometh|ing(int var1|, in|t var2|)

where | indicates where ReSharper moves the cursor to when pressing
Ctrl+Right Arrow.

Actions that activate or open another window, such as moving a class to
separate file or renaming a public entity that causes changes in other
files, sometimes causes focus to be lost. What I mean is that I had
ReSharper move a class to its own file, but the newly created source code
window did not have the active focus. I had to manually click on the window
to set the focus.

Code completion with Intellisense is still broken. Even if I type the exact
name with the exact case, ReSharper still completes using a longer variation
of that name. For example, if I type Foo it completes with FooBlah even
though Foo is an exact match.

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I noticed the same behaviour with VS2010, but not with VS2008.

I suggest that everyone specifies the version of Visual Studio in future posts.


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