Still choking on simple code blocks in aspx pages

Resharper is still throwing exceptions and crashing VS when encountering simple page-level code blocks in webforms pages.

For example:


     Passwords are required to be a minimum  of <%= Membership.MinRequiredPasswordLength %> characters in length.


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What exactly the exceptions were thrown? What ReSharper build are you using and which VS?

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This has been happening on VS2010 with every Resharper 5 build. I have downloaded and run every EAP build that's been released so far, and they all throw the same exceptions, then lock up VS.

The exception is something to the effect: 'The text range (xxx - xxx) must be normalized.'

I have been submitting these exceptions every time they occur, but they keep getting closed by someone on your end.

This should be easily reproducible. Any <%= %> code block in ASPX markup makes it happen on my end. You might want to look at the /account/register.aspx page that is included in the sample I sent you for the "cannot resolve symbol" issue. There's a code block in there that causes it.


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