Contain-mode searching gone

I was exited new style of searching (contain-mode) but it seems to be rejected in latest build.
Can you please confirm if this is working for you?

Maybe there is some setting at options where can I turn it back ??

I really hope you did not give this up!

It was really great solution eg when searching methods generated by VS (like Form_Load) then you just need put Load (instread of *Load)
But intelisence supporting 'containing' strings really extraordinary idea! (We loved it - superb when you fogot exact name of method - you can just put most significant name you know and browse...)
So, again (if RS Team really planning to drop this functionality) please make it optional for ppl who dont like that (if any) and make life easier for other...

RS ver 5 build 1570

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Noone mourn for that loss ???


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