RS 5 cannot be disabled in the VS Add-in Manager

We're working with pretty large solutions (100-200 projects). In RS 4.5, we would selectively enable or disable RS to improve performance, based on the kind of work we needed to do in the solution.

But the RS 5 has disappeared from VS's Add-in Manager dialog.

We're using VS 2008.

Is this intentional?
Can it be restored?

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But the RS 5 has disappeared from VS's Add-in Manager dialog.

Is this intentional?

Yes. ReSharper improved its Visual Studio integration, and is not an Add-In

Can it be restored?

No, but we thought it could be useful to suspend ReSharper temporarily, and
reimplemented this feature in UI (Tools | Options | ReSharper), keyboard-bindable
VS commands (ReSharper_ToggleSuspended plus a few more), and VS command-line
keys (ReSharper.Suspend, ReSharper.Resume).

Note that this page is in VS options not R# options -- when suspended, ReSharper
cannot shown its own options dialog.
The command-line key allows to create a shortcut for opening certain solutions
with ReSharper suspended/resumed. This is even more effective than suspending
ReSharper after VS is loaded because most of R# DLLs are not processed by
.NET runtime at all in this case.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”


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