Regression from Resharper 4 Beta

After upgrading from the Resharper 4 Beta to the final build, some references in my solution file are not working. For example, I have a folder called A with a project called B, which has a reference to a project called "Y (Server)" in a folder called "X". Note that there are parentheses in the referenced project's name - not sure if it's important or not.

Keywords in project B which are defined in project "Y (Server)" highlight red, with the error "Cannot resolve symbol." This also occurs in using statements. The autocorrect option says "Reference 'Y (Server)' and use Namespace.Class'. If I select it, a tooltip appears which says "Failed to reference module. Probably, reference will produce circular dependencies between projects." However, the reference is actually already there. Finally, I downgraded back to the Beta build, and it works fine in that build.

Please advise.



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