Bug: Solution wide analysis show false error

I'm attaching an example of a pretty irritating bug that we would love if you could fix.

The bug seems to appear when you have a smart device v2.0 project and you use System.Xml and then have another project of type standard class lib 3.5 and and use a type from the first project with for example a XmlNode as a parameter. Solution wide analysis will then report an error which is false and we have to disable that error frequently. The attached project should clearly show the problem in MyClassTests.cs on line 12.

The bug has as far as I know always been there and currently I'm using the nightly build från Feb 2nd.

Would love it if you could fix this


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Has no one looked at this?

The annoyance factor is rather high so I would appreciate if you could take a look at it.


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Thank you. The problem is fixed

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Excellent, thank you.


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