Suggestion: Move To Folder Conflicts


I was in the lucky situation to move some classes from one assembly to another and tried using the great "move to folder" refactoring.

I'm happy about the conflict detection wich is awesome however its not that helpfull I thought.
I am not able to store this situation somewhere to help me resolving this conflicts after I moved the class. While I could write down the conflicts to some paper I would prefer some other solution. A simple "copy to clipboard" would help, some further support to quickly jump to the points would help me too or some kind of auto resolve (a good candidate is references should be added conlict^^).

Next problem I noticed is, I cant move more than one class at once.
This is bad if I have two classes where one uses the other. Especially when using "Allow change internal visibility to public when required" wich I not did.
At first I tought I could add a second class because the classes to move selection is a treeview wich suggest there are situations where I need a treeview so display a lot of files.

Do I miss something perhaps?

Kind regards,

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