Syntax Colors went missing again

VS: VS2008
OS: Win7
R#: 1614 & 1628

Previously I was not able to get the Resharperxx color entries to show up under fonts and colors. After re-installing 4.5.1 and then some version of 5 I got them back. But today they all disappeared again.
I had 2 copies of vs open (R# 1614 installed). I was did a rename refacoter with R# that changes 4 items. Boom.. the colors change to the vs defaults. I try to import my last settings, no go. I look at Fonts and Colors and all the Resharperxx entries are gone. All gone. I uninstall 5, reinstall 4.5.1 check vs, yup settings are there and working. Install 1628, no colors. Try deleting the cache as numerous posts have suggested. This did not work for me previously and does note today either. Uninstall 5, reinstall 4.5.1 check fonts and colors, they are their again. Install 1628 again, It appears that some entries are there and some are missing. All classes, enums etc are now colored a dark blue, and apparently can't be changed. No matter what entry I change, nor what scheme I set they always are dark blue. I can turn off colored identifiers and then get the vs coloring, but I want the full R# coloring. Not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions? Can some who has colors working post their HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\FontAndColors key. I'm curious if just importing a working one will clear up my issues.


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