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Using VS2010 and a current EAP build, the little coloured lines in the error bar down the right-hand side of the text editor appear to be both gradient-filled and have some kind of animation on their appearance (they seem to fade-in in some way).

Personally, I don't really need the little lines to be paler at one end than the other or to have their appearance artificially delayed.  Is there any way to turn this stuff off?

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There is no way to turn off the artificial delay on the Error Stripe, neither
in VS2008, nor in the current early prerelease prototype in VS2010. This
is the same kind of delay as on selection in the Windows Explorer tree --
to avoid recalculation on frequent changes. As the changes are recalculated,
the presentation is updated.

The whole sequence goes like this: you type in the editor -> a small (really
small) grace period elapses before the file is reparsed -> the syntax tree
is created for the file -> the analyses are run on the syntax tree of the
current file -> coloring, errors, warnings, etc are applied to the file,
top to bottom, stage by stage -> the error stripe sees the highlighters added
to the document and updates the view from time to time (not on each highlighter
change). On a sizable file, usually it's the analyzes step that takes the
most time.

If you need to access the errors as soon as possible, you may use the keyboard
shortcut for the "goto next error" action. As an option, it jumps through
all of the errors in all of the files in the solution. There's also an action
for jumping through all errors-warnings-suggestions.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”

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Thanks for this - I had thought there was some kind of alpha/blend-in animation on the appearance of the lines too - a delay while they're calculated is fine.   My point about the gradient still stands - the lines are less clear than on VS2008.   I just don't see the advantage of something which is much more expensive to draw and is less clear to see.

I hadn't realised that this bar was considered an 'early prerelease' in VS2010 - I guess the bug where lines which have both warnings and hints on are shown as a green bar rather than a yellow one is already known and I don't need to report it?



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