build 1658.17: exceptions on startup


Resharper asked me to download a new beta today, which I did.

The current resharper 5 build (as all builds over the past month) logs 2 exceptions on startup on VS2008 (see new bugs logged 15 minutes ago by "Trevor Hall").

I have noticed in the past that there was a bug in your exception analyser, which marked 2 defects at startup as duplicates of bugs fixed about 1 month earlier.

Of course, if it was fixed a month ago, it would not be in today's build, so it cannot be a duplicate. (maybe the exception anayser has a problem with it's version checking)?

Maybe that probelm is filtering out many fatal issues?

Anyway, I though I'd point this out, because I saw on one of your web pages that this was considered "release candiate". Probably not much time left for you to fix these issues?


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