Ambiguous reference on aspx inline code

MVC web application,
JetBrains ReSharper 5 C# Edition Pre-Release
Build 5.0.1654.51 on 2010-04-01T21:42:36
Licensed to: Sean Farmar
Plugins: none.
Visual Studio 9.0.30729.1.

i get ambiguous reference indication (red underline) after i build the solution,
if i try to navigate to it offers the correct file or ...Temp\_ReSharper....\DecompilerCache\metadata\xxx\xxx\xx\xxViewModel.cs
if i clean solution it goes away.

any way to fix this?


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I'm getting this same problem on the trial copy of the release version - version 5.0.1659.36, ambiguous reference errors on several Views and on the global.asax file for an ASP.NET MVC application...

Error goes away when you clean the solution and reappears when you build.

Also it wouldn't resolve MetaDescription on the Page declaration or MetaKeywords, all that good new SEO stuff.

R#5 looks to be a good product, but as it stands at the moment R#4 is much more robust, this version feels like a rush to market al la microsoft


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