[1658] Frequently out of memory exceptions

I'm using the latest nightly build on Visual Studio 2008 while working on a mid size VB solution (around 250.000 lines of code). After working aorund 10 minutes on a 2000-line class file (mainly moved some code inside a method via copy and paste) i got OutOfMemoryExceptions and the editor was nearly unusable. The memory footprint of Visual Studio as shown in process exlorer was incredible high (more than double of previous builds), arounf 1,5GB Virtual size, Working Set an private bytes around 900MB. I reported this also via R#'s exception browser.


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I'm seeing exactly the same problem in Visual Studio 2010 (RTM). Except the file I'm working with is only 530 lines long. The error (attached) occurs as soon as I go into this file and try to copy small amounts of code to the clipboard, just seconds after opening Visual Studio.

I've tried both the 5.0 official release and the latest nightly build (5.1 from June 2nd 2010).

When can we expect to see a fix for this? As it stands, the otherwise wonderful R# is pretty useless.


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