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I love using the Ctrl+/ to comment out a selected block of code.  Except...
it doesn't work correctly if I'm commenting out a method that has XML DOC

Example (before):

//        public static void SampleFunction(string paramOne, int ParamTwo)
//       {
//            code;
//            code;
//            return;
//        }

This, of course, gives you a warning that there is an XML Comment that isn't
on a valid structure.  So I have to manually go in and type in comment
characters to comment out the XML Doc Comment.

Even worse is if I immediately undo the comment block... it strips the first
two slashes from the XML comments!

This renders the function less than useable.

The correct solution is to just add comment characters to the beginning of
the line REGARDLESS of what is on the line.  That would yield expected and
correct behavior in all the cases I'm aware of (including un-commenting, and
cycling several times on the same code... in other words, the action becomes
reversible and no longer breaks code or introduces warnings).

Can this be fixed in the next release of 5.x?

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Hello Paul

     Thank you for reporting! There's already a similar issue in our tracker: and you're welcome to vote for it.

Andrey Serebryansky

Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"


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