Support Code Contracts for code analysis

Can you please add support for the Contracts when R# is determining possible code errors...

I have a Contract.Requires(someparam != null) as a precondition.  Later in the method, I'm warned that someparam.Blah is a possible null reference exception.

This is completely wrong in this case....

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This hasn't been supported yet because the code in the Contracts is a bit
too much freehand (when compared to if-throw or ).

I think it's planned for some future version anyway.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”

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The code is defintely more freehand, but it also allows for more complex checking -- i.e., not only do I need a not-null array, but it must be at least length 1, etc.  Also, while the code contracts tooling (the rewriter, etc) is still under development, it's been pretty stable lately.  Also, as Microsoft.Contracts is in the .NET 4.0 BCL, the core interfaces/contracts are stable.


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For now, we have no plans to support CodeContracts in our background analysis. (I mean full contract checking). Definitely some analysis concerning with nullity will be supported in the future

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