R# 5.1.2 1763 - VS 2010 installation problem

Hi there,

I have had a problem when installing ReSharper 5 for a long time.

When the installation reaches the point where it has to uninstall from VS 
2010, the installation program stalls for some 10 minutes and then shows a 
timeout message, as shown in the attached image file.

After that, ReSharper installs correctly, but I have this 10 minutes wait 
every new installation, which is very annoying.


Eduardo Quintana

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I observed the same behavior when installing 1762 into VS2010 on Win Server 2008 R2. I've experienced this before so I was anticipating this as a potential issue on this install so I made certain before installing that no instances of the devenv.exe process were in existence. After about 15 minutes I got the timeout. I then killed the live devenv process and the installer completed successfully.


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