Strange intellisense experience

After long time working with VB i started a new C# project. In the current EAP (2094) i can't close the intellisense popup via Escape key as in the former releases. Another thing is that resolution of classes which aren't actually included in the source via using directive did not work as i expected. Instead of showing the tooltip to add the using via Alt+Enter the code is completed with useless entries from the intellisense list. This behavior really encumbers me at work. Is this behavior a bug or is it changed by design?



Hi, Klaus

It seems to be a bug. I'll check it tomorrow and let you know.

Kirill Falk
JetBrains Inc.


This morning i downgraded my solution to VS 2008 and worked with it. The problem with leaving Intellisense popup via Escape key seems to be VS 2010 specific. The other problem occurs also in VS 2008, but here i can close the intellisense popup with Escape key  and after doing this the tooltip to add the using appears.

While editing the source another annoying problem occurs. Because i was working with VB mostly in the last time i had trouble with the different syntax. I want to check if a variable is not null and accidently entered in VB manner

  if(temp <> null)

instead of

  if(temp != null)

R# intellisense attempted to guess what i would do and suggested "nguid" in the popup while i type "null". As i typed the closing brace R# replaced "null" with "nguid" automatically. If i remember correct, in previous releases the intellisense suggestions are only used when i press the TAB key (by the way, if i had typed "!= null" instead of "<> null" intellisense would have suggested "null" and so it would be no problem).



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