[2104] Seriously broken on CSS/cshtml

I am just in the process of reinstalling 2102, having given up with 2104 - it's taken a violent (several exceptions per second) dislike to one of our files, to the extent that we can't edit it in VS.  As always, I did file the exceptions.   Deleting caches and restarting VS have not helped.

I think you should set the 'broken' flag on the nightly build page for 2104.

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So, this is cshtml or css file?
Can you, please, provide this 'disliking' file?

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It's a cshtml file with CSS in it, and is apparently the CSS it didn't like - the section that broke it was this:

        clear: both;
        font-family: verdana, arial, sans-serif;
        margin[caret here]

It was apparently the unfinished margin entry which caused the problem - when that was removed using an external text editor (couldn't delete any code with VS), the exceptions would stop.  Type 'margin' again, and they would start again.  They would also start by themselves when VS started (with this file open, I guess).

I'm afraid I don't have the exact file any more - I am trying to do some real work too...  :-)

The problem doesn't occur with 2102.


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