[2156] - Unit Test Sessions - Questions

Question #1

     Create sessions you want (eg. by test category)
     Run tests for selected session via key binding (ReSharper.ReSharper_UnitTest_RunCurrentSession, eg. CTRL+R+T)
     Incorrect session is ran (see attached images)
     BEFORE (first Tab (Session "IntegrationTests") is selected)
     AFTER (last Tab (Session UnitTests) is ran)
     To run SELECTED TAB(Session)     

Is this a bug or I'am missing something?
How to lock selected session?
In contrast, when you create sessions (for the first time) everything works as expected.
Problem occurs after reloadind/reopening project.

Question #2
     Is it possible to initialize/update Category names accordingly? Right now they are <Uncategorized> after project reloading.
          My category names are not strings, they are classes (Attributes) - deriving from NUnit CategoryAttribute
          They are placed in the same assembly as tests.

Question #3
     Is it possible to enable Show Time via options/hack by default for tests?
     I'am doing the time analysis and after every project reopening Show Time is turned off.

Keep up the amazing work, R# team.

Sorry for me being pain in the ass :)

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[2170] sessions are working correct now. (There is also a new setting under Options > Unit Testing > Save and restore Unit Test Sessions).

BUT, It would be great that selected session is "LIVE" - to detect new tests automatically when is ran. (Right now you have to append it manually)


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